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Considerations When Financing In Mexico

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We Provide Custom International Financing Solutions for Multinational and Cross-Border Businesses

FGI Equipment Finance is an experienced cross-border financing company that specializes in providing simple fixed asset financing out of highly complex, multijurisdictional transactions. We work with U.S.-based private equity firms, financial institutions, and corporate executives of manufacturing companies who would like to start or expand their presence in Mexico.

How to Lease or Purchase Equipment Without the Headaches

You have a U.S.-based company and you’re interested in expanding your manufacturing operations into Mexico. Or perhaps you already have a presence in Mexico and need additional funding facilities to meet your long-term growth objectives. You quickly discover that typical financial institutions won’t meet your needs. Having a lender in one country with the assets being financed in a different one is a complex situation. Traditional financial institutions will have a hard time financing operations in Mexico, and often, not even local financial institutions will be able to provide financing efficiently.

We can help. At FGI Equipment Finance, we offer asset-based lines of credit. With our customized financial solutions, you can lease or obtain a loan for used or new manufacturing equipment. We make the process fast and easy, sparing you the headaches and enabling you to access the working capital your business needs

Our Consultancy Approach for Cross-Border Manufacturers

At FGI Equipment Finance, we’re known for our comprehensive, highly competitive asset-based leasing and lending solutions. However, we aren’t just another lender. We take a consultancy approach to our work. We apply our in-depth knowledge and 70 years of combined experience to each customer’s unique set of challenges, developing comprehensive, tailor-made financing solutions. We won’t just finance your equipment; we’ll help you grow your business.

“But Financing in Mexico is Too Difficult ”

Manufacturers who aren’t familiar with the international financing environment in
Mexico may often be taken aback by the perception of slower credit approval lead times, increased paperwork, uncertainty around closing dates and overall process complexity. Unfortunately, much of this is a result of some failed attempts at financing across borders without the proper knowledge on the specific business, tax and legal aspects that need to be considered.

Our team, with the expertise developed financing more than 1 Billion manufacturing assets in Mexico for multinational companies, will provide custom financing solutions with a simple process where the lead times, structure, steps and closing dates will adapt to work for each of our customers’ specific needs.

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