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Considerations When Financing In Mexico

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A Track Record of Successfully Financing Our Customers' Mexican Operations

FGI Equipment Finance (FGIEF) has an established history of successfully funding international manufacturing operations in Mexico by leveraging Mexican-based equipment, machinery, and Real Estate through custom-tailored financing solutions. Our satisfied clients appreciate our customer-centric approach and results oriented process aligned to their specific needs.

Instead of displacing structures or current financial partners already in place, our team finances our clients’ growth plans in Mexico while complementing already established structures and partners. In addition, our clients appreciate our attention to potential tax implications and our focus on delivering financing structures that minimize disruptions over their equipment’s ownership and importation preference. Below, you’ll find testimonials and case studies that speak to our successful consultative approach to International manufacturing operations financing.

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Explore Our Case Studies Financing International Manufacturing Operations in Mexico

Sigmatron International

FGI Equipment Finance provided SigmaTron International with $3 MM to meet their capital expenditure needs and continue growing their operations in Mexico. FGI EF was able to offer a tailor-made financing solution leveraging equipment imported on a temporary basis, providing SigmaTron International with a layer of protection against additional financial burden. International businesses need to find a lending partner able to provide custom financing solutions in today’s global market.

Nelson Global Products

FGI Equipment Finance provided Nelson Global Products a 3.8 MM loan by leveraging their unencumbered is keen to provide. manufacturing assets in Mexico. This influx of capital allowed them to enhance their working capital, which in turn allowed their business to continue innovating and amplifying their current capabilities on their current markets. FGI Equipment Finance crosses borders typical banks would never consider and assists companies in surging into expansion and exponential growth.

US Liner

Drawing on FGI’s extensive lending expertise in Mexico, FGI Equipment Finance quickly and seamlessly executed on a $2.5 million term loan against US Liner’s machinery and equipment in Mexico. This provided US Liner with additional financing to be able to implement its growth initiatives and continue focusing on serving its customers.


FGI Equipment Finance provided Factory1 with a $2MM financing solution allowing them to focus on long term global growth. With a proven track record for reliable customized lending solutions, FGI EF was the right partner to fund over Factory1’s recently purchased equipment at their Mexican Maquiladora. With over twenty years of experience, FGI EF can provide multinational companies with the certainty of execution they expect from a reliable business partner.

Quarder de Mexico

FGI Equipment Finance provided  Quarder de Mexico with a loan to meet their capital needs for their operations in Mexico. 

FGIEF provided a custom solution monetizing existing manufacturing equipment operating at Quarder de Mexico’s facility, improving cashflow and capital structure. 

International businesses need a reliable lending partner able to provide custom financing solutions in today’s global market, which FGIEF is keen to provide. 

Boyd, Corporation

$10MM Loan program to finance new electronics manufacturing equipment located at shelter facility in Juarez, Mexico.

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